Sarah Skinner

Sarah Skinner originates from Cleveland Ohio.  The genre of music she would fall into is a mixture of Indie-Pop, EDM and Soul & Jazz.  Sarah has been making music since the winter of 2016 out of her bedroom - when it started with writing poetry about her daily insights.  Soon she was creating beautiful lyrics from simply documenting moments. Sarah soon started to play piano and found her true passion for songwriting.

Her biggest personal achievements thus far are putting her first single on Apple Music, getting to perform on the Sting along with the Grog Shop and Mahalls, Fryday Sesh is getting plays, and some more music is on the way.  Sarah has worked with musicians like: Shivani Desai, Tallulah Swasey, and Jacob Boarman.

Her upcoming project "Everywhere I Go”, which is her debut EP, represents her growth as an individual through heartbreak, self realization, and the pursuit of her dreams.  The project incorporates Sarah’s past, present, and visions for her future.  Each track holds an important meaning to Sarah about what to learn from various experiences in life to better suit yourself, everywhere i go.


Twitter: @sarahskinmusic

Instagram: @sarahskinnermusic

SoundCloud: "sarahskinnermusic"